How to gain privacy in the garden without losing style

If you have the right resources, you can gain privacy for your garden without losing style or having to invest a big budget; just throw a little imagination and creativity, betting on simple, but effective resources that mark character.

privacy in the garden

Intimacy in open and outdoor spaces such as patios, gardens or terraces is a highly valued feature, but not always easy, especially in large cities where homes are very close to each other.

Before you give up the enjoyment of your outdoor space due to lack of privacy, explore resources and possibilities, there are many, so it will be difficult for you not to find any suitable idea for your case that solves the lack of privacy in your garden:

Climbing plants
Creepers and climbing plants are a traditional and classic solution for covering lattices, gates and other types of barriers that serve to isolate and delimit outdoor spaces such as gardens or patios. It is not a fast or emergency resource, as plants need their time to grow and exercise their ability to populate walls and avoid foreign glances. Climbing plants are highly recommended for their aesthetic and functional value, but also turn out to be mostly easy to take care and to maintain. There is a wide variety of types, colors and styles to coordinate with the style chosen for your garden and create unique environments.

Vertical gardens
It is fashionable to look for verticality in elements that until recently were only conceived in horizontal. Vertical gardens and orchards are the best exponents of this trend. The vertical gardens began with originality in architecture and interior design only suitable for large buildings with many resources. But over the years, vertical gardens have become popular and simplified, joining vertical orchards. Both alternatives are perfect for intimacy and isolation of small private gardens. You do not need much space, not many resources, not even time or economic investment, explore the DIY possibilities and set up your own vertical garden.

Hanging plants and/or pots
Another natural resource for the most natural and simple gardens are hanging plants in combination with more or less large pots or planters, depending on the gap you have to cover and the degree of privacy that you need. There are many ways to place hanging plants on some or all sides of your garden; look for the one that best suits your needs and to complete the opacity of the natural barrier places under the hanging silver large planters or flower pots – in the style you prefer – with hedges or bush type plants that will get the privacy you are looking for. It is a very striking and original resource to use in specific areas of large gardens.

Pergolas and shingles
The fastest, easiest and most comfortable resource is the pergola or similar items. The demand of users of this type of elements has made the offer very large in variety of sizes, materials, styles and forms of installation, ranging from the simplest to the most sophisticated and secure. If you do not like the idea of putting an artificial element in your garden, discover transparent tents that can be covered with plants and flowers to taste, a perfect combination that add the advantages of both forms of insulation.

Construction site closures
If you have space, in addition to budget and time to do a work, it is best to study your possibilities and fix your needs to make a proper and fixed closure for your garden that will allow you not only to win in privacy, but it will also facilitate greater use of your outdoor space by providing it with isolation. The glass and steel enclosures are trend, have many advantages and virtues, and today are the most popular, although not the only alternative.