How to engage a mirror on the wall

It is possible that you are appearing engage a mirror on the wall if you are carrying out a reform in your bathroom and do not know how to do it. No doubt this is the best time to undertake this reform, especially if it is a large mirror, because it is very difficult to find and framed. Do not forget that the mirror is one of the most important pieces of your bathroom, because it brings light and elegance, plus help present a visually larger space. Another advantage of these mirrors is space-saving and, particularly, which are much easier to clean.

engage mirror on the wall

Engage a mirror in the bathroom wall is much easier than it seems; you need only instruct the bricklayer (if you do not go to do it yourself), where you are going to install and, once you have done this, the professional will tile the same space that occupies the mirror. In addition, the surface should be smooth, so it should be flush and you have to take into account the thickness of the moon so it does not protrude from the coating.

Regarding the materials that are necessary to carry out this work include:

  • Tile or tiles that will use for tiling
  • Silicone masonry ( it help to fix the mirror to the wall)
  • Cement glue
  • Water
  • Trowel
  • Rubber mallet
  • Separating plastic spreaders
  • Silicone joint seal.

To start it is very important to have cleared what is the space of the bathroom that you are going to allocate to the location of your mirror. Once you have decided, measured well and responsible as the same. Although it is possible to find it with the measure you are looking for, if this is not the case, it will be necessary order it to measure.

Take for tiling the bathroom before engage the mirror. To do this you need to make the dough mixed with cement and prepared by adding the water needed by the amount you need. Once we have done this mixture, we can go sticking to the wall tiles. For the alignment to be perfect, remember to install guides or shafts that will ensure a good job.

Once you’ve done this process, clean all work with clean water and a cloth and let dry 24 hours. When you have the mirror, put it in the selected area and marks the silhouette, while taking into account the thickness of the mirror should not exceed tiles; otherwise, it protrudes from the wall and not get a good result. Do not forget that to secure the mirror must use the fasteners and, for this reason, when you buy the mirror should already have chosen the tiles and thus avoid inadequate results.

Done all the above process, proceed to fix the mirror to it, apply a silicone points on which you will place the mirror and hold it down for a while. To ensure that adhesion is perfect, hold the mirror to the tiles with adhesive tape at least for 24 hours, to make sure that it will be perfectly set. Then remove the tape and check that is well fixed; if so, then cleaned with water all the work and already have embedded your mirror on the wall. This simple work will provide a different look your bathroom and allow you to update this stay of your home leaving it in perfect conditions.