How to divide a dining room

Some ideas to maximize the space and differentiate the environments of a living-dining room.

If you’ve moved and you have a large room where do the living room and the dining room, we tell you what to consider when starting building the environment to make the most of the space available.

divide dining room

Imagine the division. The first thing is to visualize as divide into the great hall. Draw an imaginary line from the middle of one wall to the other, and that divides the room in two equal parts. Spend one half to another room and the living room; it is best to be equal. In any case, then you can integrate with some furniture.

Distributes furniture. Aligns the furniture in diagonal, i.e. an inside corner is the one that concentrates the dining furniture, and the outside diagonal which supports the bulk of the living room furniture. Generally, it is usually installed in the dining room closest to the front door to prevent movement with utensils around the room. In addition, this distribution can be placed near the brightest part, which is usually the outside, or closest to the windows of the room.

What furniture to use? For the kitchen, the ideal is a high round table and extensible.

As for the room, will be suitable sofas or L-shaped with one corner modular elements. The television cabinet may also be modular, which combine in the bottom base cabinets, and the upper shelves or cabinets of straight lines and lacquered wood.

Thus, get the most out the space you have, and also, despite being one room and dining room remain distinct.