How to disassemble drain to clean and avoid jams

Keep drains clean is also very important, it is a very easy job and if we do it periodically, we avoid having blockages in pipes and odors.

This is especially necessary in the drain of the kitchen sink, as it tends to accumulate many soap scum and food and end up stalling shedding odors.

disassemble drain

Disassemble the drain is very easy; we just need to remove the siphon elbow that is underneath the sink or toilet. If a jam occurs in the pipeline and other major damage is caused, we must remember that it is essential to have a home insurance.

How to open the siphon drain

The siphon is an element that maintains a constant water level rise and prevents odors from the general line. In addition, it also retains small solid parts, such as rings or earrings, if it falls down the drain.

For cleaning, place a bucket or basin underneath the siphon area to collect water that may fall. Then we will loosen nuts that attach the siphon to the general waste pipe and out of the basin or sink. Unscrew it completely and disassemble all parts by loosening the nuts.

Clean the siphon and pipes

Then clean up the inside of all the sections being careful not to lose the seals and will assemble all the nuts loosely between the pieces, this will give us the mobility to adjust when we mount in place.

To do this, we will present the pieces in place, making sure the joints are correctly positioned, and we will tighten all nuts that make up the trap with the hand to leave the area completely adjusted.

This cleaning must be repeated every 2 months and avoid a large accumulation of dirt. A good habit is to take from time to time between cleanings, baking soda down the drain.

We will have to take 50g and wait 30 minutes after that time; will have to take very hot water. So, we keep clean the siphon and keep in good general sewer lines to which hardly we have access.