How to decorate the hall!

The first thing you see when you enter a home is the foyer or hall. In many homes, there is a stay as such which is then distributed by the other rooms of the house. In contrast, other floors, which is usually done is to use a space to locate the entrance hall.

decorate the hall

Entrance hall, or as we have said previously, also known as hall, is the decorative space of our home, which often has a practical side. One of the essential elements of a entrance hall is a small table. In it, we can locate a space to leave the keys; you can also place a small lamp, to give more warmth and feeling of home to come home.

In the lobby, and despite the fact that we have floor mat at the entrance, it is appropriate to make a carpet to avoid the dirt go the rest of the house. In the same hall, one of the decorative elements that can not miss is a mirror. Fundamental to see how we left the house before leaving and also because it gives wider space.

To create or not a space for a lobby is not essential, but it is appreciated in any house in and finds a decorated space, cozy and nice. It is not, indeed, it is not recommended and is very tastefully decorated. It is better that it should be simple and that first and foremost, try to find a practical space.

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