How to decorate small terraces

The terrace is one of the favorite areas of any home, however, when we have few meters we have to optimize the space to make the most of it and enjoy it 100%. Today we tell you how to decorate small terraces.

decorate small terraces

Although our terrace has a few square meters, we can use this space to create a corner of rest where relax from the stress of everyday life.

Shelves to place decorative elements
The walls can become our best ally to customize a small terrace. We can place plants and shelves that create our own mini urban gardens, for example.

This is a good way to decorate the terrace, without forgetting that whatever we place on the walls should be at least five feet of soil out of the way if we have a chair nearby.

When it comes to placing furniture, have little space the ideal is that we use folding and extensible furniture. This way we can keep that in a closet inside the house and take only those that we are going to need.

If the terrace is open, we can also take handrail to optimize space. There are several tables, flower pots or barbecues that are hooked to the handrail and take up minimum space.

A place to relax and read
But if we want to use the terrace to relax, we can give you a completely different concept and create a space for relaxation and reading.

We will choose a comfortable chair, decorative cushions and a side table to decorate it with flowers or, as we said at the beginning, use shelves on which to put books, plants or any other object.

The lanterns, candles, plants, aromatic or boxes are items that we can use to decorate our small terrace and give a more special touch.