How to decorate small bathrooms

If you have a small bathroom, you might think that you do not have enough space to store towels, creams, shampoos, paints, etc. But you’re wrong! Because you just need a good organization.

decorate small bathrooms

To decorate a small bathroom simplicity and good order is essential. So attends well because we are going to tell you the best keys to decorate a small bath. Let’s get started!

Tips for decorating a small bathroom

The first key is to exploit every corner of the bathroom. To do this, you must think and buy furniture that has a good organization. The best are those that reach the ceiling (its have more storage space) and also have several sections (drawers, shelves, doors, cabinets with more shelves, etc.).

For material, all depend on the style that you like. For example, you can choose light wood, marble, aluminum…

If you want to give a touch of decoration, you can place small boxes inside the drawers to organize your paints, rubbers, forks, etc. Although some furniture already incorporate this type of distributions.

To decorate a small bathroom it is also important to choose the right color. The furniture and tiles should be clear; and preferably white, to give greater scope to the bathroom.

Mirrors also multiply the feeling of space, but these must be broad and without frames.

Other tips for decorating a small bathroom

Being a small bathroom, it is best to remove the tub and installing a shower. In this way, you gain space and the bathroom look bigger.

Also, it is advisable that the shower has no door but better be a sliding screen, so will be easier to get in and out of it, if the bathroom is very small.

And finally, an option that has become very popular is the electric towel rails. It is suitable to gain space and have our well warm towels out of the shower.