How to decorate long narrow corridors: Ideas and Tips

When it comes to decorating a room, we usually have many ideas that are not always easy to capture, but everything seems to be complicated when it comes to a corridor and much more if it is long and narrow.

The corridors are spaces that simply serve to distribute the rooms often become a real headache. Today we will learn how to decorate long narrow corridors: ideas and tips that we must follow to change their appearance, small tricks that will help you when decorating your home.

decorate long narrow corridor

Ideas for decorating long narrow corridors

As we have just commented, the corridors are passage areas and that is the reason why we often do not know how to decorate them. If the corridor is also narrow and long, its decoration can become a headache.

We are going to give you some ideas not only to decorate the corridor, but also we can take advantage of it. After all, it is about a few meters that the house has and that we do not take advantage of it. With the ideas that we are going to give you, surely you will find a perfect solution for your hallway.

decorate long narrow corridor ideas

Create a storage space

Unfortunately, our houses do not have many square meters and we cannot afford to waste the meters of a corridor that only serves as a passage. Normally in small houses we have less storage spaces, why not create one in the corridor?

One way to visually shorten a long corridor and also give it utility is to create a simple, cheap and above all practical composition.

Some shelves or a closet suspended on the wall and a trunk or bench to sit with storage capacity, at the end of the corridor, can be a great idea and solution.

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White paint and colored rugs

Normally the narrow corridors tend to be dark corridors, with little light. The lack of light on many occasions is the cause of the aisle seems much narrower. Fundamental in these cases is to make the corridor a luminous space.

In this case, it is best to paint the corridor with light colors, mainly white since it is the one that offers, along with yellow, the greatest luminosity.

If you use paints with a glossy finish, you will get the light to reflect and visually the space appear wider. If after painting the corridor in white it seems a bit bland, introduce elements of color such as carpets.

Illuminate from the ground

The illumination of the corridor is fundamental, both to visually widen the space and to shorten it. If we place lights along the corridor lights on the floor, very specific points of light that illuminate the wall directly.

Another option is to place lights on the bottom of the wall, but this time with the light illuminating the floor.

In these ways we managed to visually widen the corridor. If you also place balloons on the floor at the beginning and end of the corridor, you will be able to reduce or better shorten visually a long hallway.

Play with the color

Color is an element that can help us when it comes to visually, changing the look of our narrow corridor. As we have already mentioned, light colors will always be those that offer the greatest sense of spaciousness. Among the colors that we can use are the gray, cream and white colors.

A good idea is to include a frieze either with wood or using paint. If we paint or use a frieze, it will be better to choose the same color, two different tones, one darker and one lighter.

In the case of wanting to visually widen a narrow corridor, paint the darker color of the lower part of the wall and leave the color lighter for the rest.

Tips for decorating long narrow corridors

Ideas to take advantage of and tip to decorate narrow and long corridors, a task that may seem very difficult but nevertheless, with very few things you can achieve great results. Suspended furniture, strategically arranged paintings, etc.

Small tricks that we will discuss now so that you can get the best performance or combine it with your hall.

Vertical or horizontal stripes

With small details we visually modify a space. One of the best ways to extend a room is to arrange a rug with vertical striped patterns. A dark color combined with a vertical stripe provokes a sense of depth.

But what happens when this arrangement is made horizontally. The stripes arranged horizontally enlarge the room more, causing just the opposite effect of what happened in the previous case. Now the room seems wider and shorter.

well placed mirrors

The well-placed mirrors

Place mirrors horizontally along the wall, in this way you will surely be surprised by the sense of spaciousness that it provides. If you also dare to combine a series of mirrors with paintings, alternating them along the corridor, the effect will be enhanced.

Use wallpaper

Again and for some years now, the wallpaper has returned to our homes, far from the decorations of the ’60s. Papers that reflect silver sparkles with simple motifs, those papers in light tones are the ones that interest us the most. If your corridor begins at the entrance of the house, we can delimit, using the wallpaper, a part of the room as a hall.

To achieve this, it is enough to place in the area that we want the receiver functions, a nice gray paper with delicate motives, even better if it has those metallic reflections to which we referred earlier.

We don’t have to put paper on the two walls, but a small area and on a single wall. Now we can use to place a hanger on the wall. With this idea we will have visually reduced a long narrow corridor.