How to decorate Hall with Nordic style

Along with the bedroom, the living room is a room where we spend more time. Therefore, it is important that its decor is nice, cozy and perfectly reflects our personality to make us feel comfortable.

nordic style hall

A hall of Nordic style gets all these features, always betting on the clear tones, helping to maximize light. The wood becomes the main material placing virtually everywhere, from the walls to the ground, as it provides feeling of warmth and insulation.

Textiles that bring the touch of color
As for textiles, warm look to contrast with the rest of the room, which will be decorated in light colors tones. The textiles are generally made from natural fibers such as wool or cotton. It is perfect materials for pillows, blankets, curtains, etc.

If we are talking about the furniture, the ideal is to use low furniture in the rest part of tables and chairs and highest in the dining area. And it is that most often is to separate these two spaces within the hall. This style is pretty minimal, and therefore do not needs to be redesign too.

The importance of light
No matter the size of the room, the ideal is to have a reading area: an armchair or couch near a point of light will be enough.

And it is precisely the light one of the strong points of Nordic-style decor. It is very important not only ambient light but also a source of light in the ceiling, indirect lighting throughout the room so there is enough lighting to create a warm atmosphere, but without overwhelm.

In short, a Nordic style hall should be welcoming, without too much junk in soft colors with lots of light located in the right place. A form of simple decorating and easy to get.