How to decorate and organize a small closet

Who has not dreamed of having a closet! Especially one is those usually come out in the movies or decorating magazines. It is easy, you just have to cheer and get you need to have your own, albeit a bit smaller and adapted to the space in your room.

organize small closet

Usually small closets are usually open to the wider space, and those that are larger are usually closed.

Organize your closet easily
Having a closet at home is lucky. But if we have a small space, with a good distribution of furniture and decoration will be good to us as we’ve always dreamed of having.

The first decision we must make is whether we want our closet is opened or closed. It is also important that the closet has good lighting, whether natural or artificial, and a good mirror to look at ourselves and decide what is best for us that day.

For organizing and decorating a closet is a success, we will have to be carried away by the latest trends. Today are highly fashionable elongated hangers’ bar, which will serve to hang all of our shirts, jackets, pants and dresses.

We must not forget to include three chest drawers and four floors drawers and that the latter is divided into two small. These are very useful to store scarves and underwear, so we can leave the rest of drawers for pajamas or clothes that can not be hung. For good closet organization is also necessary to place a small piece of furniture with shelves where we can place the bags, shoes and folded clothes that we use most often.

Choose a good decoration
If we have a slightly larger closet we can put all the above elements but choosing larger furniture and include other auxiliary furniture for storing shoes specifically. We can also incorporate an armchair so that decoration is perfect, as output of an authentic clothing boutique.

Another great item that we can put in our closet is a carpet on the floor to match the furniture. But the key to a good decoration in this place is to paint our closet with neutral colors. Thus, the most recommended are white, gray, brown and beige.