How to decorate a loft

The dormers have that charm that makes them unique, however, does not always get them throughout the match that we should and, occasionally, end up becoming the place where we put all the old junk.

decorate a loft

But the decoration of the loft has endless possibilities depending on our taste and how we want to maximize space.

Expand the feeling of lightness
By having less space than a regular room, we should pay special attention to the lack of light or low ceiling height. But what might be inconvenient, with a little imagination can turn into an advantage.

The first thing to do is make the most of the light, for it is best to paint the ceiling and walls with very clear color, if it is blank, much better.

The furniture must have wheels, so you can establish storage areas that can be changing of place to give them another use, for example, the TV cabinet can become the nightstand.

The decorative elements are very important, but we must not forget that they must also be fair to not overburden the room.

The best way to give greater range to a small loft is always decorating with straight lines, i.e., better use of space by fitting both personal and decorative objects.

A bohemian touch
But if there is something that highlights the loft is that, like it or not, all have that bohemian look that much like a house. Being an open space all the corners are connected visually, but we can create a special space with exposed beams, beanbags instead of sofas, Pop Art tables, a guitar resting on the wall, abstract wall art, old vinyl records or any other thing that comes to mind, as posters of classic films, etc.

Ultimately, a loft decorating is just a matter of knowing to make the most of space, light and optimize all resources that we have at our disposal.