How to decorate a corridor

The corridors are often an area or home environment which do not give much importance or will find useful. Here are some suggestions to change the face of this place of passage.

decorate corridor

The corridors, for its layout and size, are often neglected as far as decoration is concerned, but we must not “discriminate” that way. Today there are many different ways to decorate these spaces as tours daily.

The corridors are usually long, narrow, are places of passage and union among other different environments. To decorate, we have to aim to give a larger amplitude and not place furniture or accessories that impede the free transit through the area.

If we want to look wider, we paint the ceiling and the floor in darker shades and lighter walls, which give feeling of more space and reflect light.

If the corridor is rather low ceiling, it is best for your lighting is to use recessed spots or courtesy lights on the top of the walls. If, however, high ceilings, we can place lamps hanging from the roof.

You can also put a shoe closet as its do not have too much depth, racks, umbrella stands, library, a lamp, etc. Always keeping in mind that do not impede the passage.

The blocks of different sizes and the same style may be another option, and even a mirror will help to give a feeling of more space.

As usually in the corridors is not the natural light, it is recommended that all the elements that decorate are light-colored or warm to reflect the light.