How to decorate a child’s room

When we decorate a child’s room, we must achieve a pleasant, warm and functional. The bedroom of a child is where they go to relax, play and where their belongings will be most valuable. It is the shelter where they can give free rein to their imagination.

decorate child room

For this reason, decorate a room to suit a child, sometimes can be turned into a somewhat complicated task.

But do not forget who the real owner of that space, so that within their means, the child should be involved in decisions.

Ideas for decorating a child’s bedroom

These ideas will help you decorate the room of your son or daughter in a simple and practical manner.

To increase the storage place, you can buy boxes or crates that come under the bed, where you can save the last season clothing. You can also use cardboard boxes and cover them with some heavy paper or a piece of cloth. If you dare, you can build wooden crates and even place them wheels. If they are bigger, it is even possible to use as storage spaces for toys.

Use contrasting colors furniture, to give greater joy.

If you have many stuffed animals, it is advisable to select a nook or corner, hang in there a net or a hammock and place them all in there together. (The network should be at the height of the child so that he can take them out and save them when he wants).

The furniture has to be according to his height.

If there is something you can not miss in the bedroom of babes is a table with chairs to perform different activities. It can start with a motif or theme (disney, pohh, flowers, boats, etc.) and then turn the rest of the ornamentation (sheets, cushion, curtains, tables).

If the child already knows the colors, it’s good to participate along with parents choosing the same to paint his room.

It is ideal to have a very good lighting, both natural and artificial. In this regard, it is necessary and a central one in the wall, which will be smoother than the first. The wall light is ideal for nights when he has to give some remedy or wake up scared.

It is best to avoid TV and computer in the room, but not a stereo, as this will stimulate the beginning of language and as they grow they can dance and even relax.

Tips to decorate a child’s room

At the time of choosing certain materials must take into account some important considerations.

Avoid any type of solvent based paints, because its components can be very harmful, especially in children, who get everything in their mouths. The paintings should be water-based and washable.

It is advisable that the child is not at home during the days when the room will be painted and even until a few days later. It is best to encourage them to take a mini-vacation at the home of the grandparents or a close relative.

It is not convenient to use rugs for the floor, as they trap a lot of dust and stain easily. It can also cause allergies and respiratory problems, like paints.

The puffs is very fashionable, but are very soft, they don’t have form and can cause deformation in the columns of the children. Do not forget that they are growing.