How to decorate a bathroom

With a few simple decorating ideas, you can decorate a bathroom to make it a cheerful place, large or small, regardless of whether or not it has window.

decorate bathroom

Tips for decorating a bathroom

The first thing we do every morning when we wake up, go to the bathroom, and generally it is a pale white, lifeless, stained mirror, the curtain loose, etc.. The bathroom is often the last to think of decorating environment, this is usually because it is believed that it is impossible to do so because of its small size.

But nothing could be more wrong, the bathroom can be a cheerful atmosphere, colorful yet harmonious, just have to keep in mind some simple resources that allow us to change the face very easily and economically, detail for negligible.

Walls: Painting the walls is a good choice, since the atmosphere is small and the paint surface is small, so that we can do ourselves. The only precaution is to thoroughly clean the walls before painting. The color you choose should be clear to provide more light to the environment.

Accessories. The elements or bath accessories should also be soft colors in harmony with each other. Speaking of accessories, we refer to bath mats, shower curtain, soap, glass for toothbrushes, stationer basket, etc.

Plants. The plants rejoice and give life to this environment and help decorate it. Also, the color contrasts with the rest giving a touch of distinction.

Shelving. If multiple shelves can be placed on the colored bottles or bottles with transparent liquids of different colors in its interior, some loose stones or those snails that we brought from the sea and not know what to do with them.

Candles. Another decorative element that looks good and gives a touch of harmony and peace, are the candles. Its also give a nice romantic touch. We can place them on shelves or windows.

Soaps and white. Soaps and towels from fun and vibrant colors give a touch of joy to the environment, in addition to contrast with the colors of the walls.

Light. We can also improve the lighting fixtures. In the market we can find a wide range of varieties, which can be adapted both to our taste and our budget.