How to cover the holes in a wall

The holes are inevitable in the walls, and if you’re going to paint or remodel a room, it’s best to make them disappear.

cover the holes in wall

How to fix a wall with holes and cracks

By changing furniture around or want to give a different look to a particular environment, we found numerous holes in the wall. The solution to disappear: cover them.

This task is very simple to perform and can be done any inhabitant of the house.

As cover a hole with spackle

The most common solution is to cover them with spackle, is a product that can be purchased at any hardware or paint house. Painters use it to fill holes or remove some imperfections before painting.

To cover a hole with spackle, proceed to fill them with a spatula, cuttings, etc… Then you need to wait it dry thoroughly and finally sanding with a mild sandpaper, and well we will achieve to not notice any difference between the wall and the hole covered.

If we don’t have spackle, we can also be covered with gypsum, with the same procedure as above.

Cover or hide cracks

The spackle and gypsum are also useful to cover and conceal small cracks. Using the same procedure as with the holes: fill the crack, wait it to dry, sanded and painted.

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