How to combine wall in red color

Red is a color that load us up, full of strength and joy. Moreover, in recent years it has become one of the perfect tones for the decor of our home. So today we will learn some tricks to combine red walls in our home.

combine red walls

Red has a wide range of shades, from the more striking as the cherry or known as red Valentino, until the wine tones. Depending on the effect we want to give to our room, we have to choose one or the other.

Any combination is valid
But let’s get to the point. The first thing we must do is to think of a color scheme to complement our wall. Choose black, white, brown, beige and other shades of red accessories.

Another thing to consider is that not all the walls we paint this color must be combine with lighter walls. The white or crude oil for the rest of walls can be perfect. If the room is very large, we can even dare to black.

The curtains can also be red, so give a much more compact feeling in the color scheme. The wooden floors also combine perfectly with the red color of the wall.

Sofas in white to stand out
The sofa, for example, if we speak of a lounge or a living room should be white to make it stand out. The metal details also add a touch of the modern. We can hang decorations in silver and black to give an incredible picture.

Photos or paintings with frames in these tones are also ideal, as tables or floor lamps with screens in cream or white to also stand out.

The flowers are a must and should also be red. We will achieve an extraordinary effect if we put some in a glass vase with bamboo.