How to combine neutral colors

To create a perfect environment it is necessary to start from the base, and that base is definitely the color. Everything revolves around them and if we don’t use them properly, by lots of light, space, quality of furnishings and good taste that we have, can be a disaster.

combine neutral colors

The first thing to know is that the colors are always to turn over other neutral colors that will be on combining others. The most common are white, gray and black, but can also be seen as neutral shades of beige, browns, earth, etc.

Neutral tones, ideal for creating elegant atmosphere
All these colors always bring a stylish touch and are perfect to fit with any imaginable decorative style.

The easiest when it comes to combining blacks, whites and grays is doing among them, playing with contrasts and creating a modern, monochrome climate that is very fashionable and very elegant.

The gray, however, are also perfect to combine with other tones, in addition to black, such as cakes, green, orange, blue and white… Almost any shade can be combined with grey in its different ranges.

The black, King of decoration
In the case of the black, although all have heard that “combined with everything”, in decoration it is not something so real. The black is an elegant and serene tone, so we must maintain their status combined with grays and whites, adding small touches of color after the minimum elements, just enough to break the linearity grace decoration.

On the walls is better to opt for other colors that do not minimize the stay and we do not end up getting tired, it is better to use the black color on furniture or upholstery and combine it with beige and cream. If we combine it with more vibrant colors in areas such as the kitchen, for example, we can mix it with red, fuchsia or green.