How to choose the color of the kitchen

If someone had told us 15 years ago that our kitchens in the future would be flashy, gaudy and colorful, we had not given credit. However, this part of the house has been taking center stage in what refers decor and today is one of the areas that we care.

color of the kitchen

If we are not sure what color we want to give to our kitchen, we think some things before launching it. The choice of white is always a hit, but it is something simple and, of course, nothing new. For tile or some accessories it can be perfect, but it will be one more kitchen.

Choose the color of the kitchen
If we go to decant dark tones to decorate the kitchen, it is important, as in any other room, the space is large; otherwise it may seem a very dark space and lose all the beauty. It is also important to have plenty of lighting.

If we choose the blues, blacks and grays; the white may be a good option to combine and not overburden the room.

Cream and pastel for kitchen
The most striking and garish shades like pink, green, yellow and violet, among others, are those that are more fashionable. Give it a youthful, fun look to the kitchen and also we can combine among themselves or with steel and glass, getting very balanced spaces.

The pastel and cream are also an interesting alternative, especially if we seek to create a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, i.e., a perfect place to have a coffee while having a pleasant conversation.

This option is ideal if we spend much time in the kitchen, as the cream tones get balance on our mood. The bright colors do, however, that stress us more and can end up fatiguing us if we are long time in that space.