How to care for linoleum floors

The linoleum is one of those materials for flooring that comes back with force. If you want to know how to care properly, here what you have.

linoleum floors

Linoleum floors are derived from wood, very seldom used in the past and that have now become stronger than ever because they have great durability. Linoleum floors is very similar to the park (but without taking the risk of being damaged so easily) and is easy to clean and maintain.

Characteristics of these floors
It is a very cheap soil, because it is made of waste parts of other things, such as linseed oil, resins, wood flour, cork, limestone and pigments.

It also saves on installation issues; it is very easy to put on and will not need a professional to do it. Also sure to be one of the floors will last you most.

With this type of soil the decorative options are many, much more than using for example carpet, metal … In addition to allow purchase it in very different sizes, both for very large rooms, and for smaller.

In short, if you compare with other floors, you can see has the advantage over the park that requires many less care and that there is little risk that the floor is finished raising or stay marked spots. With respect to the tile floors, while it is true that clean also very easy and usually very durable and can be somewhat less aesthetic and very cold in winter, but the linoleum is very aesthetic and thanks to cork insulates very while the cold and heat.

Care linoleum floors
Another of the many advantages of this floor is its easy cleaning. The materials will need are just a mop in good condition, regular soap and warm water.

Try not too wetting soil; it is more advisable to give more than one pass, as if it could not become damaged. After a while apply a polish to improve the status and quality of the soil from the first day.

In any case you will have to use aggressive products such as bleach, turpentine, etc.., as they are too strong and quickly spoil the linoleum.