How to calculate the square meters of a room

You have several ways to calculate the square meters of a room, for example, or any other stay. Do you want to know how to calculate the square meters of a room? We explained it to you.

calculate square meters

First a little theory: Square meters serve to measure an area, a space. You will see that measurement in plans or in references on the extension of a land. You may need to know the measurements of a space in which you want to place certain furniture, to know if these will fit or the free space that will leave to you, that is to say, if these will occupy much.

How to calculate the square meters of a flat surface?

If the space does not have a complex shape you will find it very easy to calculate the square meters. In these spaces the width and the length are equal measure from where you measure. You will need a tape measure simply to be able to carry out your intention.

Once equipped, you will measure the length of the room or area that you want to find out your square meters. Measures from end to end and notes. Then measure the width.

Remember to note the measurements correctly. Do it in meters and put inches as decimals (if you fail to complete one more unit).

It is time to calculate the square meters of a rectangular or square space, that is, not complex. You only have to multiply the measures of wide and long. For example if the space is 2.56 long and 1.23 wide the operation is the following:

2.56 x 2.23 = 5.71 square meters

How to calculate the square meters of a complex surface?

But how to calculate the square meters of a more complex and irregular area? You will do it with simple shapes.

Try to draw a rectangle inside the irregular room and measure its area as you had done in the previous step. Being irregular you will see that you have unmeasured areas that have the shape of triangles.

how to calculate the square meters

Now you must measure those triangles rectangles. To do this measure its sides and write them down. Imagine that the areas you measure are the following:

  • Rectangle = 43 X 29 = 1247 square meters
  • Triangle 1 = 2 X 33 = 66 square meters
  • Triangle 2 = 1.5 X 48 = 72 square meters
  • Triangle 3 = 4 X 41 = 164 square meters

Now you just have to add all the areas. The result is:

1247 + 66 + 72 + 164 = 1549 square meters.

As you can see, it is easy to know how to calculate square meters.