How to calculate the amount of fabric for a curtain

The amount of fabric needed for the curtains have a perfect fall, it is very simple to calculate, and one need only consider the following steps.

fabric for curtain

When we wish to make ourselves a curtain, the first difficulty that appears, is how to know how much fabric we should buy, not to be shy if there is little and for not wasting money, in the case of to buy a larger quantity than what is required.

Calculate how much fabric is needed for curtain

Width: Measure the width of the window or door more what you want to give to both sides, such as multiplication by 3, so that the folds have enough fabric.

Height: Measure the height from the rail or rod to the ground at least 2 cm, this measure add 25 cm for the hem and 15 cm to the top flange.

With these measures, calculate the amount of cloth required according to the width of the fabric, and then add them. There are fabrics which are not added, come in different widths for cutting to taste, save a lot of work, but tend to be a little more expensive.

When you need to add cloths, trim the edge to not throw and join them with double-stitched (first sew the right and after the reverse).

Mark the bottom hems on a table, either straight. To that fit perfect, a good trick is to pull a string and hemming around. The upper flange is a hem in the case of choosing a barral.

If you have chosen by rails, apply the tape upside down of frowning over the entire width of the curtain; attach the tape with a quilting on the shore and other between two strands of the frowns. Pull on the threads of tape, until you achieve the desired width. Tie a knot with the threads and cut the excess.

Distribute the gathers evenly and can set them with a stitch.

types of curtains

What types of curtains are there and how to calculate the curtain fabric that we will need?

1. Curtain eyelets. The minimum would be 1.25 m, although it is recommended that the fabric is twice the size of the window.

2. Drape gathered. In this case, we must multiply the size of the window by 2.2. In case the curtain fabric is gauze, we must multiply it by 2.5 or even 3.

3. Curtain with belt loops. For this type of curtains, we will multiply by 2 the size of the window to calculate the necessary curtain meters.

4. American clip curtains. The size of the window opening is multiplied by 2.5 and it gives us the amount of fabric needed.

5. Tabele curtains. The size of the window width is multiplied by 2.5 or by 3 in case we want the tables to stay together.

6. Worm curtain. You should calculate 2 cm per hole.

In addition, in any of the models it is convenient to add 10 cm to calculate the fabric for curtains that we will finally need to make them, counting on the side hems.

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