How to avoid mosquitoes at home

The arrival of summer brings with it the appearance of mosquitoes that, as a rule, tend to be quite annoying when we sleep, even to provoke too many bites that if not controlled can be somewhat dangerous.

mosquitoes at home

To not have to suffer another summer with the unpleasant presence of these insects, we offer some remedies to avoid mosquitoes at home.

Home Remedies at your fingertips
Among the homemade tricks are more efficient plants, lotions or food for repelling mosquitos’ bites. Here are some examples:

  • Place a cup of vinegar diluted with water in the windows of your home. That smell that mosquitoes will not come nor bring over.
  • To have “mosquito” plants around the house, such as basil, rosemary, thyme or eucalyptus. The intense smell of these plants will prevent these insects from appearing and at the same time, will add an extra fragrance to your home.
  • Use candles or oils that give off odors from previous plants.
  • Applied all over the body before sleep a prepared tea and a few drops of lemon.
  • Eating foods that repel mosquitoes, such as almonds that contain a lot of vitamin B, cereals, meat, milk, yeast, garlic or onion.

Other solutions against insects
Another option is to mix brown sugar, baking powder and hot water in a plastic bottle. To do this, you must first cut the bottle in half and pour the mixture of these three ingredients on the part of the base. Then cover with something dark and is entered on the basis of the top cut off at the opposite, that is, with the mouthpiece down.

Place this container somewhere out of the way for mosquitoes when they approach, entrapment. It tries to renew this trap once a week depending on the number of mosquitoes that are retained.

Another solution on how to avoid mosquitoes at home is to placing mosquito nets on the windows.

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