How to apply concrete to home decoration

In a continuous search for new materials to dress households, concrete has gotten inside the home; it is no longer only the skeleton of the buildings and is now applied in the decoration of the home.

Do not worry and discover how you can welcome the concrete at home, also forget your prejudices and pay attention to know how this material can be warm, practical, functional and, above all, very exclusive:

concrete to home decoration

Floors and walls
It is hard to imagine a concrete floor or a concrete wall, but surely imagine that in a warehouse, then forget about that picture and think of dining rooms or even in bedrooms with concrete walls. The idea is to combine for example with bricks or wood, to provide comfort and warmth.

Stairs or elements of step
Concrete is strong, flexible, malleable and easy to maintain. It is perfect for creating within the household items that require hardness and durability, such as stairs of step and continuous use. You will achieve an industrial effect if you combine it with metal, steel or glass, for example.

Discover the gray
The concrete is grey, but can offer you a complete range of this tone, ranging from the lightest, very bright and balanced, even the darkest, which are elegant and very personal. You can combine tons of concrete for a stunning decorative effect for example in one of the walls of your bedroom.

concrete to home decoration

Prevents cold
Probably the major drawback of concrete is that it is a cold material, but if you have in mind and are able to counter it, you’ll have no problem. Do not overdo it in use, combined with warm colors or other materials, choose it for especially bright spaces, where sunlight is the protagonist and uses artificial lighting to bring warmth to your concrete.

If you liked this idea, look for inspiration in other scenarios, it seems that the concrete has come to stay; go for it and get ready to discover them.