How can we give our home a vintage style

If we want to give a twist to our house, and change in appearance with little money, one of the options we can ask is to give a vintage style.

vintage style home

More than a style, in talking about vintage we are talking about the recovery of classic, of those objects and furniture that were fashionable in times gone by and that, combined with current, create a contrast that gives any room a great personality, of course provided you have grace to do it.

For the recovery of these objects or furniture, we can only talk about vintage if they have at least more than 10 years, but usually, when used this term usually refers one to the time that goes from the 50s to the 80. And it must be of different times, because it is different styles combined together.

It is an ideal style if we decorate our house differently and do not have much budget, because as it is done with existing furniture, we already have, combined with furniture a few years ago, we can easily find in places selling second hand stuff, or even through friends and family who want to get rid of them, we can let the perfect home without spending too much money.

Thus, in the bedroom simply put some textiles, quilt, chair and curtains, with a most own fabric from a few years ago, that today, along with a few old pictures, and this only suffice. In other rooms, such as living rooms, as much of the same: some antique mirrors, some vases, a rug or some cushions that remind us the 70s, for example, will be sufficient when combined with ease with current objects. Just keep in mind and remember what has been said above, that is about combining styles with grace, not everything is the same style.

It’s easy to give the bathroom a vintage style, for example putting a tub of which have legs, or old-style taps the 50s, or simply painting the walls. And even easier is the kitchen, since being a stay where are so many accessories, the possibilities are enormous, whether grippers, buckets, mugs, and even appliances, being in this ideal case, a fridge of the 60s.