How Air Filters Are Integral to Air Purifiers

Air quality within buildings and homes have always been a concern for public health advocates. The amount of dust, allergens, and bacteria that can be within the air can cause a multitude of health issues with people in the workplace or in the comfort of their homes.

These concerns became more apparent as more and more people across the country came forward with various breathing issues, like asthma and severe allergies. Luckily, technology has helped home owners and workers live within comfortable environments.

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Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are machines that remove containment particles within the air and help force back purified air into a space. When air purifiers are turned on, the purifier sucks nearby air into the unit where the air is purified. Released air from the air purifier is then brought back out into the environment, helping to make the general space less filled with air particles.

Air purifiers work by having air filters inside them, which are fibrous materials that help capture a multitude of particles. Air purifiers can be attached within central air systems or they are sold as stand-alone machines that consumers or small workplaces can put within spaces.

Types of Filters

Filters are essential parts to any air purifier. They will need to be replaced occasionally since the filters will be covered with particles from the air. Because of this, consumers need to be cognizant of how filters are rated for quality.

Filters come with various ratings to them from national organizations. These organizations study the effectiveness of name brand filters that are sold on the market.

One common rating system is the minimum efficiency reporting value or MERV value. Many filters on the market have high MERV ratings, which would indicate that the filters do an excellent job filtering the air that is pushed through them in a purifier.

Consumer Choice

Although certain brand purifiers come with instructions to buy specific types of filters (often by the same company that makes the purifier), consumers can choose various types of filters to go with their purifier.

As long as the purifier will fit their purifier type, consumers have lots of options to choose from. There can be many advantages to this as many companies create air filter brands that can filter the most minute particles from the air. For example, several brands, can actually filter out particles in the air based on their electrical charge. This can help many more particles found in the air to be removed.

Good For Health

Its shocking to realize that the air in a confined space, like a home or office, is dirtier than the air outside. That is because the air is trapped inside the space, allowing particles to accumulate. It is why purchasing an air purifier with air filters is a very important investment that is good for one’s health.