Hide the air conditioner at home

The air conditioner is a device with a terrible beauty that can destroy the good taste for decoration. So today we will learn some tricks to conceal this device, much needed in summer, and which is placed in the middle of our living room or any room.

hide air conditioner

If the decor of our home is fun, full of life and joy, there is no better way to hide the air conditioner apparatus with a vinyl according to this style. It will remain the same contraption placed in the same site, but with much more chic.

Assemble a wardrobe around the air conditioner
Another option, if you have enough space, is to put a wardrobe in which to hide the air conditioner. No need to buy it specifically for this use, if we do not use any cupboard, drawer, or woods that we have left over from some other piece of furniture, we can create it ourselves. Yes, we have to open the cupboard every time when we use the air.

If for example our wall is purple and the air conditioner is white, the first option should ask is the same color paint or cover the apparatus with the same type of wallpaper.

Another very popular alternative is already built into the devices themselves, and there are brands that offer air conditioners in the form of pictures or mirrors. No doubt it is a very valuable option if we want there to be harmony in the home decor.

Leave the unit with easy access
And, when install air conditioner does not have the good fortune to place it in the place that we like but in the place in which we can get the most out of it.

Even if we want to hide it, we can not hide it permanently, we can not forget that this clumsy “pileup” has a function that is to cool the house, if we have it covered and hidden, it is impossible. For this reason, it is important that if we hide it with something, we can leave it free easily.