Greek Style Home

When we think of Greek decorating style certainly imagine large white spaces with a touch of blue that gives us serenity and tranquility. The Greek style in the home is in fashion and today we want to know it a little more.

greek style home

While it is true that when we talk about Greek style in the home we are referring to the interior design to achieve a completely Greek style, we should also talk about architecture, divisions of space, etc… One of the main features of Greek style is white, something basic and essential. But it also boasts surrounding forms in rigid structures such as stairs.

A minimalist but warm
Another feature of this style is the minimalism. It looks for the maximum use of space, so storage is essential.

If you are looking for in the decoration is a relaxed and harmonious space, Greek style is perfect. But it is also very easy to give a touch of color if white is insufficient for us. The combinations are always easy to dominate a neutral shade like white and we give that little touch with colored accessories and decorations that may be more striking.

Rustic Touches and spaciousness
High ceilings, terracotta floors, carpets, ceramics and geometric motifs are some of the details necessary to create a Greek style.

In this decorating trend that seeks to attract light, also plants have special prominence. So it is not uncommon to find large vases and pots in the living room, the kitchen or the backyard.

We must not confuse the coldness of minimalism with the Greek style because although it is one of its great features, it also has a much more rustic touch that gives warmth more than any other style that was also minimal.

Blue is the perfect color combination with white. Not surprisingly, the Greek style is a Mediterranean style and blue is the color of the sea.