Gold in your home!

One of the more unusual colors in decoration is gold. A tone that in principle we can cause some hesitation but well applied becomes the protagonist of the space, creating an elegant or adding a touch of sophistication. Learn to use it and see how you convinced.

gold home

We must avoid the mistake of converting the living room in the palace of Versailles, or appear to in house is Christmas all year. A wall in gold leaf can be very well with good lighting that makes it highlight, but if the room is not very large, better to make just a detail. Or you can put a gold vinyl on a wall of dark background, such as a headboard.

A good choice for the kitchen are hanging lamps on the table or eating counter. You can also play with the tiles, placing a gilded frieze, and the same can be done in the bathroom. Although if you’re more launched, there are ranges of sanitaryware in gold that are very well combined with white color.

You can also opt for this color furniture; for example, you can put in the entry a comfortable apple green with gold designs. Traditional items such as vases, mirror frames or tables are always a hit, but if you want something more current, choose golden animals.

You can take the kids plastics and paint them with spray paint. Put several together to create a special corner. And if you want something more spectacular and, we must say, you can afford it, decorate the hall with mosaic tiles. You will be surprised.