Gold curtains in the decoration

The golden color was any less worthy thing to appear on the decor of our home. Probably because for decades it had become the main color of most classrooms, time had we finished hating it and finally discarding it from furnishings.

gold curtains

Today there are still people with reluctance to integrate the golden decoration; however, the golden shades have lately become hard.

The gold has always been a reminiscent tone of the luxury, wealth, ostentation… however, if we use it with some taste and elegance and we do too much, such as placing a gold curtain, we can give special touch to our house, especially if the decor of our bed room or our living room is of classic style.

Gold curtains for summer or winter
Within the gold there are various intensities, even the texture of the fabric type we can convert it in more or less elegant. We can think of the type of fabric depending on the light that we want to let or the time of year in which we want to place curtains. If we do it in winter and let little light, we can place a long golden curtain in textures such as wool or tweed, velvet, etc. We can change these to the summer with a transparent texture in silk, satin or light cotton, even in linen, one of the trendiest materials that have been in recent times; and somewhat shorter in metallic tones that also will cause greater sense of freshness.

Smooth curtains better than printed
Another thing to consider is also the pattern. If it is too heavy, we can subtract elegance, it is ideal to be golden but discreet, smooth shades. Even if we cannot resist the prints, we can place white curtains with gold stamping.

To match the rest of the decor, white and neutral tones in general are the most suitable if we do not want to give the room a baroque appearance.