Glass walls on the interior home

Glass walls separate rooms in a very special way, giving a very extravagant. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of having glass walls at home.

glass walls at home

When we decorate our house or design or rehabilitation of this, it happens that we are not come to mind some ideas that can give a modern twist at the same time functional, and an interesting system that can help us get a great visual effect, and we can incorporate into our reforms or new projects easily, is the glass wall.

We often think of the windows when we consider the decoration of the facade, but we did not realize that inside these windows can offer a very distinguished appearance, in addition to other advantages.

Advantages of glass walls

The first advantage offered by using interior glass walls in our homes is that the visual effect is stunning. It gives a feeling of greater dimensions, as well as allowing seeing what’s on the other side of the room without the need to share rooms.

advantages of glass walls

A good example is to place a glass wall between the kitchen and the dining room or living room. We can thus communicate both rooms, but with the particularity that smells that occur when cooking will not invade the rest area.

Another beneficial aspect of having glass walls is much better that we will use natural light to be transmitted from room to room. In addition, the feeling of size is much greater, so it is especially suitable for small loft-style homes.

room connect through a glass

Combining different styles in rooms that connect through a glass wall will allow us to create a mix of delimited styles but its delimited that combine the view.

Disadvantages of glass walls

But not all are benefits to using glass walls.. The first thing we must consider is the purpose and uses of each room, as many of the rooms in our house are oriented to privacy, so the contrast would be really annoying.

Moreover, we had problems with money as it is more expensive to make a wall of glass and brick aluminum or other materials.

It is also important to bear in mind that if we exceed the placement of such windows can eventually create a feeling of coldness that will break with the aesthetics of the home.

Maintenance of glass walls

These walls do not require very exclusive maintenance, but they do involve effort so that the entire home is not affected by dirt.

You just have to make a mixture of a couple of apple cider vinegar and four of water, when you have it mixed, with the help of a sprayer spread it over the entire surface. A very efficient way to remove it is thanks to the glass brush, so that they do not leave marks, but a much more effective way is to remove the product, with newspaper.

It no longer absorbs excess product, but thanks to the ink on this paper, the glass shines much more, proven.

Finally, it should be added that not all glass walls are of the same style and although the most common will be those that are completely transparent, we can also find others that are lacquered, that shine, that include a pattern or vinyl or that are matte.

It is a matter of choosing the one that best goes with the area to be placed on the wall, especially if we are reforming or building our house, and in addition to whether or not they can end up being something functional for the place where we are going to place them.

Final Word

However, it is important to know that there are many different types of glass that allow us to achieve the desired effects. We can opt for stained glass or completely translucent, choose that you can see from a room but not from the other, including the possibility of combining the glass with carved shapes and patterns that can mitigate and adjust correctly the excess with diversity.