Geometric patterns on the tiles to give your bathroom a new look

Are you getting bored every morning to see those white tiles in your bathroom that don’t tell you anything? Then get down to work. The geometric patterns on the tiles are the latest DIY idea to give a new look to your bathroom.

geometric patterns on the tiles

If you had the good sense to put white or a light color tiles or range of pastel, or just lucky and find the bathroom, never have a boring bathroom, as this type of tile admit thousand options change the style with few touches, but radically. The geometric patterns on the tiles are an example.

With little more than a marker suitable for ceramics to go to update your bathroom in a very short time and with impact results, because the geometric designs focus attention on them, in an almost hypnotic way. Find your geometric style and be creative to achieve an exclusive bathroom that will surprise every morning and will delight your guests.

A classic that never dies: black and white geometry
You just need a black marker to paint on your tiles or white tile. If you want a simple definite effect, but definitive, bet on black geometric fretwork on the background of white tiles. Do not have to be complicated, triangles without closing at the base, points to be square… seeks inspiration and choose strategic areas for elegant and sophisticated finish, without overdoing. For example, framing the mirror or highlights the area that falls just above the sink.

An exotic and oriental touch
You can choose eyeliner in red and along with black, looking for geometric fretwork or oriental type drawings to give a very different touch to your bathroom. The rhombs are a good choice for this decor style. You can make small compositions in the central wall of the bathroom while you leave the rest without decorate or choose empty spaces for your creations. Always start low to high so that the result is not excessive and if in doubt, look for a pattern and paper test before doing so on the tiles.

Bathrooms fun for younger or eternal children
If you have a small bathroom with little light that calls out color and fun, you’ll have to make a complete set of colored markers to paint on tiles: blue, green, purple and yellow, at least. It also rescues your schoolwork, when you were doing frets about grid and translate them into your bathroom walls. As it is to bring fantasy and color, be generous with color and looks for original forms. Square multicolored ridges which coming from the ceiling to the floor and mark the towel rack or surprising geometries for the inside of the shower or the bath.

Customization, no doubt
If you liked the idea of decorating the tiles of your bathroom, but not so much the geometric touch, do not worry, if you dare, you can do other designs on the tiles. Letters or messages such as quotes or song fragments are very valid resources that will turn your bathroom into a personal and exclusive space with a very urban, cosmopolitan and bohemian touch, according to your preferences. Ahead!

You can adopt these 4 different styles in your bathroom with the minimum effort and budget. You only need to pick up a few markers or paint suitable for tiles that you will find in the centers of DIY or specialized shops in crafts, since these are not a difficult product to find. Follow carefully the instructions and directions of the manufacturer, especially to prepare the surface for design work and respect the drying times for optimum results and long-lasting.

If you do not have much confidence in your stroke or qualities as an artist, uses templates or patterns and plans ever before, your designs on paper. The budget for the renovation and redecoration of your bathroom is minimal, so you can invest in some more detail to complete the unique atmosphere of your toilet: new towel racks or a different shade.