Furniture for the bathroom: Relax with a bath!

In the home of our grandparents, our parents … We have always seen a bathtub. In recent years it has been changing the presence of bathtubs in the bathrooms for the shower. But the reality is that, since a few years, more and more the presence of freestanding bathtubs in bathrooms.


The increase of bathtubs may be due in part to a growing number of people are living in houses, villas and single-family houses. By living in such households, of course, there are more bathrooms at home. And in one of them we always tend to take to install a bathtub, which in the future may serve to disconnect us from our daily routines.

And the monotony, family, work … At the end of the week take some time for the same and prepare a bath, makes it an increasingly common practice. When we remove the bathtub, this practice goes with it and we can not carry it out. Not talking about a common practice, but a moment that we carry either a week or a month to relax in the bath with music or reading.

With legs, without them, oval, round, against the wall or not, vintage or modern finish … There are many possibilities. If you have room and you like the bath for more than a quick shower and you want to become your central forget the pressures, the baths are a perfect place to put off for a few minutes.