Furnishing a bedroom for twins

Furnish a room for the kids of the house are not always easy, but if we should also do it for a couple of twins’ thing is even more complicated. So today we will give you the keys so that you know how to do it.

bedroom for twins

The first thing to consider is the age of the children, if they are older ones have to think about their tastes, as well as deal with the space that we have and arrange it in such a way that both children are comfortable in the bedroom.

Beds, bunks or folding the best solution
We can start by making a division of the stay by an imaginary line to each have their own space. For this we use carpets and even different colors for the walls.

The type of bed that we use is one of the most important details, since its have furniture that will take up more space. The ideal choice is bunk beds or its can fold down to allow room for play, study or performing any other activity.

In regard to the cabinets, the ideal is that there is only one that contains the clothes of both, with different doors so that it does not mix the clothes and each can have own order. If instead we have a closet space for each child, the good thing is that both are the same size but different colors, provided they do not quite match the decor inside.

Bold colors but provide relaxation
As we mentioned before, the tastes of children will be taken into account as they will share the room, and for this we have to ask what colors are the ones they like.

Usually children tend to choose very bright colors and will be told that within their tastes is necessary that these provide tranquility and balance to the room.

Count with drawers and boxes in which each can store his things without being pulled by all means, it is basic to a room for twins.