From Lighting to Decor: Giving Your Kitchen a Fresh New Look

Many people shudder when they think about the process of updating and refreshing their kitchens, thinking large costs and long time periods, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Whilst ripping out your whole kitchen and starting again may seem like the only solution for creating a fresh new look, it isn’t. You’d be surprised just how much of an impact paint, lighting and detailing can make to creating a whole new look and lifting a rooms atmosphere!

fresh look kitchen

The main part to any kitchen has got to be the kitchen units. How you present your units and design your layout will not only effect how your kitchen works, but also create a strong focal point for kitchen. Ripping out your units and purchasing new ones can often become a pricey and time consuming project, however there’s a simple solution to this. Investing in some replacement kitchen doors will enable you to completely re-design your kitchen, giving it a brand new look whilst keeping your original units and saving yourself some money. You could go for a new theme, whether that’s traditional, country or modern, or you could go for new colors and add a burst of character to the room. By adding a new look to the face of your kitchen, you’re able to keep up with fashions and styles as well as keep your personal style clear.

You can then move onto your kitchen appliances, and how you could make them look or feel new without having to replace them altogether. The chances are that your appliances are still in great condition, and don’t need to be replaced, yet they may have begun to look worn or dull. If your appliances are looking worn and tired, there’s a really obvious yet effective solution. Giving your appliances a deep clean will make such a large difference, it’s often hard to believe. By thoroughly cleaning your appliances you are able to eliminate any unwanted dirt or dust that has gathered over the months, and bring back the shiny, fresh look they once had. You’ll be surprised at just how much of a difference the shiny appliances make to the overall look of your kitchen, and they’ll fit right in next to your newly updated kitchen units too!

If your feeling like your kitchen has lost its life, but you can’t quite put your finger on why, it could be something as simple as the decor. Once you paint a room, over time the lighting can fade the colors and wear and tear can cause the decor to become lifeless and dull. Sometimes, a quick splash of paint is all you really need to revive the overall look and get back the positive, fresh atmosphere it had before.

You don’t even have to worry about choosing a new color if you want to get it done as quickly as possible, as even repainting your kitchen the same color it was before will still have a strong impact and make the kitchen feel light and refreshed. Similarly, you may want to look at adding splashes of color to items such as your dining space, updating the table or chairs or even adding a new color to one wall making it a statement wall. These simple changes can really make a difference and are cost effective too.

With any kitchen design it’s important to make sure it’s homely and inviting. You often find that after a few months of constant use, the kitchen can become crowded and cluttered, which results in the atmosphere changing and the homely feel becoming lost. It’s so easy to keep that homely feel however, by simply keeping on top of your kitchen and making sure things go back where they belong you can keep that cosy feel and don’t have to worry about the room feeling cluttered. As one of the busiest rooms in the home, the kitchen can often become a dumping ground for dirty laundry, freshly washed laundry, shoes, school books and so on, so ensuring everything has its own place will really help to keep things neat and tidy and prevent any unwanted mess accumulating over the days.

Your lighting is another element to the kitchen that really helps create the right atmosphere. Dependent on the feel you want to create within your kitchen, you can introduce features such as mood lighting, candles and even additional lamps to help control the amount of lighting and create the right mood.