From Lighting to Composting: Creating a Crisp and Colourful Autumnal Garden

With summer firmly behind us and those darker evenings drawing in, it’s time to take a look at our gardens and prepare them for the colder months ahead. When summer slips away, many people seem to think that colour and life does too, but that isn’t the case at all.

autumnal garden

Autumn is one of the strongest seasons for colour and life in the garden, with a gorgeous palette of golds, reds, browns and yellows taking over the outdoor spaces. Here are a few ways in which you can keep your garden looking bold, beautiful and full of life throughout the upcoming autumnal months.

The main source for colour in all gardens are flowers and plants. Flowers and plants are the perfect way to inject colour and life into your garden as you can control exactly what colours you want to use, as well as create bold palettes by introducing a number of different coloured plants to the mix. It’s time to grab your potting bench and select your favourite pots in order to add some beautiful flowers to your garden. Whilst any flower is going to make your garden look beautiful, there are a few specific types that will help your garden flourish throughout the colder months and keep that colour bursting, the best plants to introduce at this time of year range from Chrysanthemum, with its gorgeous orange, pink and red tones, to Pansies and even Heathers. These stunning plants won’t just add colour to your garden, they will also work together to create a strong, bold look that highlights how unique your garden can be.

Another key job to undertake in autumn is getting the garden into ship shape for the winter. There’s no hope in getting into the garden to trim your hedges once the torrential rain and snow kick in, so tackling jobs such as hedge trimming, lawn mowing and even weed pulling is really important in autumn. Once you’re on top of the weeds, grass and hedges, you can enjoy your garden and watch it change as the month’s progress, enjoying every moment of each season.

There are a few smaller jobs that are created throughout autumn, that you may not have to worry about in the warmer months. Jobs such as raking the leaves, unclogging the drains and pulling dead flowers from the flower bed are all created when the colder days set in, and it’s all part and parcel of your garden changing with the seasons. These simple jobs can be left throughout the winter, as once the weather starts to clear up again you can start to tackle them all over, however keeping on top of them throughout autumn will simply ensure you have less to work with when the winter passes.

For those gardens with the additional features such as a pond or compost pile, autumn is the time to make a few small changes to prepare these for the winter. For ponds, positioning a net across the top will prevent any leaves from floating into your pond and potentially blocking your pipes. The last thing you want is a leak or overflowing pond due to some unwanted leaves getting in the way! The net can be removed at any time and isn’t needed throughout the warmer months, but the for autumn it will help keep things running smoothly.

Similarly, if you have a compost pit in your garden, you may want to look at clearing up any leftover items that may cause issues throughout winter. Try to keep things minimal and simple to prevent any unnecessary work being needed throughout those wetter periods. You could turn your compost pit into a space for compost from this season, which will really help as you can never have enough compost! When it comes to your gardening tools, make sure these are safely stored away in your shed or your garage. The last thing you want is for any of your expensive or favourite tools to become rusty or broken from the wet weather!

Finally, your garden is a representation of your personality and style, just like your home is, and as a result of this, the presentation of your garden will say a lot about you! Introducing some fun features to your garden such as gnomes, bird tables and stylish plant pots will show your style and create a stylish, attractive look. You can make your garden look really bold and interesting by introducing smaller features such as these, and they can instantly highlight the beauty of your garden too, especially in those duller months!