Footboards: Perfect and useful for our bedroom

The footboards are a perfect item to keep order in the room if we have no closet space, but they are also a very elegant way to bring a decorative touch to our bedroom.


This type of furniture was quite common in the past; but thanks to the fashion cycle, the footboards again are inclined to also bring a touch of functionality to our room.

Multiple varieties and models

These footboards will serve to store towels, sheets or pillows inside and to put the clothes we’re going to get the next day or, conversely, to be left in the bedding surface will not need when the time comes sleeping.

There are multiple models. We can find them made completely of wood or metal, padded with cushions…We can also using trunk as a footboards in your bedroom.

As for color, it is best to buy it in white because that way will be combined with almost any type of decor and color we have in the bedroom.

If the footboard is lined in fabric, we have to choose one that is sturdy and does not get dirty quickly and we can not wash it often.

Regarding materials, metal may spoil faster. The most recommended are the wood since its resist much better as time goes.

Bean bags or baskets as variants

An original choice of footboards is placing baskets instead of a bank. This idea may be perfect for guest rooms because we can put there all the necessary elements for the bathroom such as soap, towels, etc…

Another type of footboards is the beanbags, which are smaller than the original footboards but also can make this function.

If we bought it custom, we can choose the perfect measure of width and background so that it adapts to the measures of our room. We can also request to make it as a trunk to store inside the same things that we would include standard footboards.