Fascinating Budget Renovation Tricks For Your Kitchen

The kitchen has to be the most exciting renovations we can take on at home. It is a functional space that makes use of all the latest technology and yet must retain a superior aesthetic quality. The bad news is that they take quite a bashing over the years and can soon start to look dull and worn.

tricks for kitchen

You can revamp this exciting space with whatever budget you have available, and we will address some if the upgrades here. It might not be possible to tackle every part of the installation, but working on one area will often change the look and feel of the whole space.

Worktop Replacement

It is the worktops that must withstand the brunt of most cooking and food preparation in the kitchen. The glossy counters look beautiful in the showroom but soon suffer damage from knives and pans at home. Luckily, they are easy to replace, but if you want to do a professional job you should use a router and a jig to create perfect joints in the corners.

Unfortunately, that is a big subject, and we will have to tackle it another day or you will find further information about the technique online. For straightforward replacement, remove the screws that hold the counter to the cabinets from below. Use the old tops as templates for cutting the new ones before fitting them onto the units.

Jazz Up The Lighting

Lighting technology for the home advances at a pace and the experts have to keep up with it. There are many LED solutions available for use in the kitchen that might not have been on the market when you first installed it. There are recessed fittings for overhead and striplights for under the cabinets. The LEDs will last many times longer than other bulbs and cost little to run. In a situation, for example, where you need a forty watt bulb, you can now replace it with a four watt led alternative.

Replace The Doors And Drawers

Anything goes in interior design these days, and there are some fantastic replacement doors and drawer fronts on the market. Now you can introduce vibrant colours if you choose to do so with composite products that will last a lifetime. The method of installation is the same for most of the products, and you will have to drill holes in them to recess the hinges. Choose from a range of high-tech catches and handles to complement the new frontage.


Introduce some modern decorative accessories to brighten the place up. You might need a modern mug tree or wall-mounted stainless steel wine rack to complete the scene. There are plenty of items on the market from which to choose.

Deep Clean

Do not underestimate the power of cleaning the parts of the kitchen that you cannot replace. Over the years, all the surfaces suffer from a layer of grease that is hard to remove. Portable steam cleaners are ideal for the job and will leave your kitchen sparkling once more. Take care if you use them near an electrical outlet; water might run down the tiles and gain access.

So you can improve your kitchen on a budget; that much is clear. The quality of the finish is down to the materials you use and the amount of hard work you put into the project. It only takes a couple of weekends, so have fun with it.