Exterior Lighting Ideas for Your Home or Office

Lighting can transform the interior of your home or office, making it appear bigger and more inviting. You may not think about it, but lighting can do the same thing for the exterior of your home or office. With the right choices, you can increase the curb appeal of your home to sell it faster or of your office to attractive more customers.

Exterior lighting ideas for home or office

Here are a few great ideas for exterior lighting for your home or office:

exterior lighting ideas

Wall Systems

Wall systems are best suited for offices. Instead of solid exterior wall, you can opt for a wall system that includes multiple panels. The system can include both solid panels and windows.

Some of those panels can include lighting, or the lighting can come through the window panels. The system creates a sophisticated look that is more stylish than the solid wall.

The lighting also attracts the eye and makes the building look more modern and luxurious. Add the right landscaping and you’ll create a finished look that will seem like a top designer put it all together.

Under Lighting

Under lighting can create soft lighting that makes your home or office seem like it’s illuminated from the inside. The lighting can be placed under the eaves of your roof, under the edge of the garage, under awnings, and under any other ledges.

The lighting is hidden by the eave or the ledge, so people only see the refracted light. At night, the lighting perfectly illuminates the exterior so that it is completely visible.

Not only does this style of lighting create an attractive look, but it also improves the security of the building. The brighter exterior will deter intruders. If someone does try to break in, the brighter exterior will make it easier for the neighbors to see what’s going on and call the police.

landscape lighting

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting comes in a variety of forms. You can get spot lights that are directed to your home or office or toward shrubs and trees. You can get LED lighting that is posted next to your driveway or walkways. You can also get runner lighting that can be placed around garden beds, pathways, and more.

Landscape lighting makes the exterior look more polished and put together. Light under lighting, it also increases the security of your home or business. The lighting will eliminate dark spots in the landscaping where intruders can hide.

hanging lights

Hanging lights

Fairy lights are one of the favorites to illuminate the patio since they do not require large installations and give a magical touch to the space. The garlands of lights come in different colors but the most chosen are white with warm lights.

Perfect for decorating at parties or meetings as they can be easily removed and reused. It is undoubtedly one of the best options and easiest to do.

Final Words

Lighting is an often underappreciated aspect of building design. But it has a huge impact on both interior and exterior design. Work with a designer to talk about your options for exterior lighting to create the best look for your home or office to increase its curb appeal and its value.

The right lighting will also improve the security of your home or office. Explore these and other lighting options to get the right look and create a more secure space for your family or your business.