Eco furniture design

The furniture design is evolving more and more and the trend that has been developing in recent years is the creation of furniture from re-usable raw materials and can give results as or more enjoyable and usable than common furniture.

eco furniture design

In this century has defended much environmental care and increasingly incremental social and environmental activities for the care of the water, the air and the trees, recycling and decontamination. And such has been the development of this trend called eco design and applied to various fields in the area of the furniture and interior decoration has worked very well and not because they are such as re-used furniture or dirty but something innovative strange and striking, pleasing, that wants to be used.

The materials commonly used are the most wasteful and can be easily reused reprocessing steps. For example cardboard which are obtained daily tons and to avoid falling to landfills or dumps, or environmental designers employ to create new furniture or decorative objects. What they do is to attach various layers of this material and begin shaping by clipping and hit until a chair or amazing furniture which gives ease to different types of finishes, either with the colors and textures of cardboard or common with colors and brightness when mixed with various types resulting in a much more vivid.

The idea is that each piece is 100% natural made or reused and fasteners which are minimal and generate minimal contamination. Other material available for this purpose is wood and plastics, scraps of leftover projects or damaged furniture that can not be repaired and redesigned, attaching new elements and giving it new life. One bright spot in this practice is the cost of furniture material because being re-used and less complex processes, costs are reduced and it is easier to buy. Something that may be of concern to buyers is the durability of the furniture, but is another positive aspect to this trend designs as it have the same life cycle capability than other generic furniture production.

It can also be custom type and each person can have a chair, a dining room or a stool that has no one else, that does not seem to either and has a clean finish or colorful as personality and to the place where it will be used. The purpose of this is that gradually this type of furniture has also host recognition that can be the idea that is picking up trash to make something beautiful, but goes beyond, goes hand in hand with usability and aesthetics, i.e. something that works and is effective and also look attractive and consistent with various contexts. Also leave of side activities such as deforestation that is the primary source for obtaining wood and incidentally start using what still works and throws it away to keep on giving for a long time use.