Eco friendly rugs in your home

Recycling garbage is not the only thing we can do to help the environment, we also have the ability to maintain good health of the planet using items at home that are organic, such as eco friendly rugs that we will discuss today.

eco friendly rug

It is over that buy rugs of synthetic fibers that are also very artificial and not leave being treated plastic. The natural and eco friendly rug will give another touch to our decor and will be beneficial to the environment.

Eco friendly coir and jute rugs
The coir rugs can use at home or in our business. Their designs are varied, not only in design but also in color. Its greatest advantage is that they are biodegradable, but they are also hypoallergenic, so if we have kids at home with allergy, will not have problems. In addition, it is also able to regulate the humidity.

Meanwhile, the jute is also biodegradable material, as above, that can be used in a unique way or mixed with other fibers. The texture that brings jute is very soft and has a warm and welcoming look. These rugs are perfect to place in our living room.

Ecological paper rugs
This type of material is definitely the revolution when making eco friendly rugs. It made with 86% paper and 14% cotton. Its have Finnish origin and can be used for processing recycled paper, making them the most ecological. It is very soft and fresh, ideal to place in the summer time when many times we take the normal rugs because its give a lot of heat.

There are countless models and are not as delicate as it could seem a priori elements. And although its rub resistance is less than the rugs of wool or cotton, have a high durability.