Dusty colors in your decor

Choosing the right colors can be the key to achieve the look you want to give to stay. If we keep up to date, we can not ignore the fashion of dusty colors in decorating. Do you know what we are referring to?

dusty colors in decor

They are soft colors that give the impression of having been created by dust, very fine sands, pigments or powders. To get a clearer picture, we can mention the pastel colors, which are the most comparable. Garnish with such tones and has a great advantage is that they are timeless, never out of style and let bring an extra dose of light and above all perfectly blended with almost any other color.

The aqua blue
It is a light blue with gray undertones. It’s perfect for kids’ bedrooms or rooms in which we want to relax, for example, in the office or other work space, as these tones will favor this type of decoration. If you also combine aqua blue with white tones in furniture and textiles, the result is extremely welcoming. To accompany this color decoration we can place flowers in pinks and photographs in black and white.

Olive Green
In this case, the olive green is somewhat stronger dusty color, making it perfect for bedrooms, but only on a wall, thus avoiding refresh the room. The light wood and raw and gold tones in textiles are perfect to complement.

These tones are eternally combined, warm and welcoming. This is the camel, the nude, the sand and rosewood. We can use them almost anywhere: walls, textiles, furniture, upholstery… These tones blend perfectly with the yellow, white and chocolate. In addition, no matter the room where we put them, will be equally well.

The dusty colors are soft and sweet, perfect if what we want is to get a cozy, quiet and relaxing decoration for our home.