Do you know how to decorate a mirror?

Few houses survive without mirrors are functional and decorative elements that are essential in everyday life. Knowing how to decorate a mirror for the bathroom or other spaces, will allow you to style your home.

Do you need a DIY idea to renovate a bathroom mirror? Here you have DIY mirror frames that you can apply to both new and damaged or old pieces to give them a new style or hide defects. If you know how to decorate a mirror, you will not have problems printing personality to any space in your home.

decorate mirror

For those who love broadway style lights

Add a bulb frame or a light before your mirror is easy, you’ll find complete kits in DIY centers and very simple to install. This idea besides being very stylish, allow your mirror is much more practical and functional for makeup, shave.

A wooden frame is always an elegant success

Whether the mirror is embedded in the bathroom wall as if it is loose, a basic resource is to frame it to taste.

The wooden frames – especially the dark ones and more than five centimeters wide – are very fashionable and combine very well in bathrooms with white tiles. The result is an elegant and sophisticated bathroom.

Colorful and fun with tile moldings

The tile is the most popular coating in a bathroom, so if you want a mirror coordinated with the rest of your toilet, simply frame the mirror with tile molding that you will find in a thousand colors, styles and sizes in the tile shops.

With adhesive or suitable glue can easily attach the molding that you want to mirror. Any cheerful idea for a children’s room? Make a series of varied and bright colors along the perimeter of the mirror.

Sophisticated and elegant in black

You can put a black wood molding to your bathroom mirror, but if you want a truly exclusive mirror and staff why not paint it yourself. It is to interpret a framework of natural or ethnic reasons such as in black with a thin brush directly surrounding the edge of the mirror. If you do not feel very safe with the brush, use templates to ensure a good result.

Very minimalist and retro, single bead

If your bathroom mirror is new or in good condition, one of the best ways to decorate is simply surround it with a thick, rustic bead. Just you leave it mimics that hung from the rope and put a false nail at the top and at some distance from the mirror.

Do not put anything around the wall mirror to leave space and add importance. With round or oval mirrors, the result is even more authentic.

Vintage retro bathrooms

Worn-out furniture continues to be a trend to enjoy rustic and retro styles. It is what you are looking for your bathroom; you need a damaged wooden frame for your mirror. Better if the mirror is square or rectangular, for the colors do not hesitate, painted in white or a pastel color like green mint.

The vinyl will never fail

A super simple and prompt recourse, what is called a DIY emergency mirrors, are the self-adhesive vinyl and laminated papers with fretwork or different reasons.

You just have to decide for the style that you like, the variety is very wide in terms of vinyl that in less than five minutes you can paste in your mirror and brand new frame instantly.

decorate mirror

Beading, sequins, pompoms…

The kings of DIY and crafts resources as fashionable as sequins and pompoms; make a frame for the mirror may not be a problem. With glue, hot silicone is easy to insert any of these elements around the mirror. For the more adventurous, you can try more unusual beads like pearls in a mirror or other natural stones.

Using crochet hook

The crochet hooks have not been withdrawn from today and if you’re the lucky ones who know do not have problems to make a pretty lace frame for your bathroom mirror.

If you want a classic or retro effect, choose white thread or raw. For more informal mirrors, bet on the color or mixture thereof and fretwork little view, avoid natural reasons. Even if you do not know how to knit, you can buy ribbon, lace or any other type of embroidered strip you like to apply on the edge of your mirror.

With any of these ideas to make mirror frames going to get a new piece of furniture for your home, but never lose sight of the fragility of the mirrors.