Do I need permission to build a retaining wall?

If you are thinking of placing a retaining wall Columbus retaining walls given several steps that help make the project run smoothly and that no cause disagreements with your neighbors.

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Building Permits
Construction of a retaining wall along your property line requires research and planning. Follow all codes and regulations of state and municipal or municipal to ensure that your project will adhere to safety guidelines in building construction. Your local city or town construction department may require obtaining a building permit for the construction of a retaining wall. Their municipal codes establish standards for permits for walls that meet the specific measures, such as a wall over 4 feet tall. Check the instructions carefully since this height can specify a measurement of the top part of the wall, not only the height of the wall above the soil surface. Investigate building code requirements in your city for fences and walls before plan for your proposed retaining wall.

Check your local municipal building codes to obtain information on the type of retaining wall components allowed. For example, codes and regulations may differ between the use of stones or concrete masonry or brick in the construction of a wall in your area. Authorized size of padding and spacing of reinforcing bars or reinforcement used for wall can also be specified by the city office building code.

In cities across the country, you will have to provide your local building department with detailed plans for retaining wall that permission be granted. Such documents may include ground plane and show the height and location of your planned containment wall. Prepare to display a detailed construction plan for the wall and approval of a certified engineer for the structural integrity of the calculations for the wall when requested by the department or building code inspectors.

When building a retaining wall between you and a neighbor property, you must obtain written permission to do so. Commonly overlooked in such situations the cost of building walls will be divided. Some cities require a authorization signed for the construction of line of property that the neighbor must sign in the presence of a notary public. The owner of the property to build the wall must also sign their half of the authorization in the presence of a notary. The document is submitted building plans and construction to the municipal offices in the city.