Distribute small or large bathrooms

The distribution of bathroom furniture depends almost entirely on the space and shape of the room to be used, but must also take into account other important variables, such as minimum distances between sanitary. So then specify those measures, together with some ideas for the distribution of furniture in the most effective and convenient according to every need and taste.

Bathroom with minimum measures

Measures of sanitary: The sanitary standards of the market occupy at least 70 centimeters deep and require about 20 centimeters apart to use them comfortably. Sink models also 30 or 50cm wide at least and 60cm toilets and shower trays turn 60 square centimeters.

small bathroom

Furniture location: Ideally located in the absence of a large space, is to place the sink in front of the door. If the room is square, it is best to clear the wall on which is the entrance, so you have room to move without obstacles in the way. The usual practice is to place the shower in a corner, preferably long and narrow angular. In elongated and narrow bathrooms toilets should be placed lengthwise, leaving the bottom to the shower, or if possible, a bathtub.

Storage space: The solution to introduce storage space is to put a drawer under the sink, or you can opt for a vanity that already integrates the storage space. You can also place a small shelf if space remains in a corner, or on the sanitary. But it is not recommended to place anything on the spaces near the bathtub or shower by constant moisture that will receive that area.

Larger bathrooms

Width Bathroom: If you own a wide bath room you can choose a “U” distribution, since it will serve to take advantage of the space to the maximum. It can be placed into one of the walls the tub or shower, in the narrower the toilet and in another, as far as possible the wall facing the door, the sink with the bathroom furniture to have a storage area.

large bathrooms

Square Bathroom: if you have a square room, every wall can be devoted to a function or service. Placing on one side of the tub or shower, the toilet in front and sink at the back.

Elongated Bathroom: If the room is long, it is best to use a provision in “L”. In the longest wall can be located toilets, including the sink, and bathtub or shower thoroughly. It can also be used as a resource leveraging form a division of the bath, so that the shower or bath is isolated from the rest of the bathroom, which can help not wet the entire atmosphere and give certain aesthetic touch.