Different ways to decorate wood

If the wood is the material that we like but at the same time we want to give original touch, we are able to decorate it with drawings. Today we explain how.

decorate wood

Draw pictures on wood
Use wood can also give us a lot of play when decorating our home. If we have some drawing ability, we can paint on wood. To do this, the first thing we do is work the wood surface, in such a way that we let it completely smooth. The material should not have holes nor remains of varnish or dry painting.

Also, before we start drawing to apply a background layer that protects the wood (one primer) and at the same time, improve the adhesion of color that we will use. Then we just have to use our imagination.

If we do not want to venture out, we can choose to make geometric silhouettes. For example, we can draw a chessboard black square painting on wood. For optimum results we recommend using masking tape to mark the boundary of the square that we will represent.

Punches for wood carving
Another option for the most professional is to use the technique of marquetry that supports various possibilities. It is basically a punch to make drawings on wood.

One more possibility, also with punches is embedding decorative elements. All we do is draw the shape we want with the punch and slowly embedding decorative elements. To give it a still more original touch, once we have embedded these decorative elements and scratched the surface with the punch, we can paint the wood. Yes, we have to let the smooth surface as we explained before, because, otherwise, the paint will not be uniform.

Finally, we can give a layer of varnish and the result is unsurpassed.