Different types of table for the dining room

Choose the table for the dining room should be an easy and pleasant task, but it can become a real headache when you consider the number of models and combinations on the market.

table for dining room

The first thing we must to know is what different types of table for the dining room and once we know them choose which one will best suit to our dining room.

oval dining room table

Oval tables

Not exactly the most common trend in the catalogs, have classic lines and are usually carved. It is complicated matters integrate them in an environment much more modern and minimalistic are the styles that are more fashionable. So if it is not a table that we particularly like, it is an idea that we can rule out.

Rectangular tables

This is not the case; rectangular tables are probably the most popular at the time of placing in the dining room. Its usually have 4 legs, which make them a strong tables.

In most cases are extensible and achieve sizes of up to 2m. It designs are very different, with or without glass and a variety of colors.

lacquered table

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Lacquered tables

Today these tables have greater demand. Generally are rectangular, with modern lines and provide a brightness and absolute integration of the furniture in the rest of the decor.

Book Tables

This are those that we see supported on the walls, have a width of 45cm on having separated of the wall to doubles becoming tables 90 cm and rectangular size, functional and very comfortable.


In the final analysis, the first thing that we need to know are the dimensions and style of our home to know if the table that has drawn attention can add up in our dining room. Then it’s best to go to a store specializing in furniture and have the advice of professionals, who know how to tell what is the perfect table for our house.