Different types of Engineered Timber Flooring

A house is the pride of an owner and every house is different from the other on how it looks on the inside. Some houses are decorated with many different types of flooring, plants, furniture and other Knick knacks while others go the more minimalistic route and keep it simple. Popular flooring includes carpets, tiles or timber flooring.

engineered timber flooring

Designers are always looking for new ways to update interiors of houses and one of the new trends is engineered timber flooring.

What is Engineered Timber Flooring?

Engineered timber flooring have surged in popularity and have become an alternative to the traditional solid timber floors as they are quicker to install, cost less and easier to maintain.

Although they use less timber to create this type of flooring, it still gives the illusion of the real thing. This stunning new range includes wide shades from deep brown to bold red and light shades.

Pros of Engineered Timber Flooring

Here we mention some of the pros of installing an engineered timber flooring below:

Pros of Engineered Timber Flooring
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Cost of the flooring

This is one of the biggest positives of having an engineered timber floor installed in your home. Compared to a traditional timber floor, it is less expensive.

You can get the look of real timber wood flooring for the fraction of the price. As solid timber flooring is quite expensive, it can put a huge dent in your pocket and this won’t be ideal especially if you are trying to renovate on a budget.

Stress-free Installation

Trying to do something like floor installation on your own can be a risky process but engineered timber flooring is different. This is designed especially for novices and DIY beginner to install. Even the most inexperienced person won’t have much trouble installing it.

A traditional wooden floor must be installed by a skilled professional as it’s a slow and taxing process whilst an engineered timber floor doesn’t require the same effort. You can get tiled engineered timber flooring in many sizes as suited to the area you want to cover and install it as per your convenience. This can save your time and money.

Steadiness and eye catching

Whilst engineered timber flooring is not as expensive as the real thing, it is still comparable in strength and attractiveness. As it is uniquely designed with multiple layers, it is quite strong and stable in form.

Some even consider it to be more durable than the traditional hardwood flooring. Temperature changes and the amount of moisture comes into contact will not affect the overall look or texture of the engineered timber flooring. It will stay the same for many years to come so it’s a great fuss free flooring option.

So, if these reasons make you want to install engineered timber flooring in your new house or renovate your current property then what are you waiting for? Chat to your builder or flooring specialist and browse your options before choosing the best flooring for your house and make the whole thing look more attractive. This is one change that you will not regret making as it is inexpensive however the benefits are plenty.