Design grills to protect your house with style

There are many reasons why grills can be essential in a home, luckily, that does not mean today have to give up the style or spoil the front of your home with a standard enclosure.

grilles for windows

Security is often the main reason why grills are installed in windows or part of them, of a house. But it is not the only cause. The protection of minors, for example, is another of the situations that leads to choosing grilles for the windows of houses.

As part of the façade of a house, the grills should be able to be one more element of the same, harmonic and aesthetic, although it seems an impossible is not so much and there are a lot of design grilles to give answer to all the needs both aesthetic and technical, since not all windows support the same type of grills.

Classics: Wrought iron
The most classic grills, especially in classic or colonial houses and in the countryside, are wrought iron grills, although it may be of other colors, the normal is black. These are very safe, but also decorative and that give the façades of the houses a clear and traditional personality. These are versatile in installation and can be made to measure, according to your needs.

Modern: galvanized iron
Galvanized iron is a classic material for grills; however, its handling possibilities and flexibility make it the raw material of the most modern grilles and with more risky designs. Especially you will find this type of grills in angular designs, always with bright or matte finishes. These are an alternative for the houses that need grilles, but do not have a conventional design.

Minimalists in aluminum
If you have large windows and look for a grill that is part of the whole, a good choice are the grilles that are mounted on the glass, usually made of aluminum that is lightweight, but those that present a geometric design of squares and rectangles of various sizes tend to be one of the most appreciated by its minimalist touch and the effect of lights and shadows that also cause on the inside of the housing.

Simple in stylish windows
If your house has windows that are worth showing to the outside, do not hurry, you can put grills. It bets by the simplest grills, in the form of a grid and with a very fine finish, inserted in the sides of the outside hollow of the window. These are safe and perfect; it is common to see them in houses with crossbeam and large wooden windows.

Combination of materials
To lose sight of the appearance and feel cold that can impose in your facade or iron grills windows in any of its varieties, it is best to combine with other types of materials that can bring warmth to the whole, wood is the best resource and you will find different possibilities within this style.

Do not give up the security in your home, now you know that the grills are the best way to protect and give style also to the outside and the interior of your home.