Design a study room for children

The place where children study must be well designed and equipped, so that your time is profitable and healthy. We tell you everything you need to be in a great study room.

study room for children

When our children are of school age, need a space where they can do their homework and study isolated from the rest of the family. It is a proven fact that study or work from the room causes more stress, and it loses the sense of rest that should cause this place.

As an area so important to the intellectual and professional development of your children, we recommend you make an effort to get the child to have their own space to study.

Furniture needed for a study room

Start with a large desk, which has space for the computer and write in his notebooks. It is very important that natural light entering the room is not behind the computer, as it will disturb the reflection in the monitor.

An ergonomic chair is crucial; when one is studying spends hours sitting reading or writing, and many times is the back pain that makes us stop. So a good office chair will make it much more enjoyable time and stay healthy at the use.

It will be important to have a piece of furniture or library where you may have to hand the school books without having to mix with the books of pleasure, as well as several drawers to store utensils work, including pencils, squares, white sheets and other Office items.

Study room lighting

But not only is the furniture important when designing a study room, lighting plays a key role. The main light can come from the ceiling, and is important to be a white light that make your function from the left side of the desktop, if the child is right-handed, or lamp on the right side if you are left-handed.

It is important that on the desktop there is a second light that will support when the natural light source and the main are not sufficient. In this way, we will ensure that there is an optimal environment for concentration and study of our children.