Decoration with cream color

The cream is a color that gives us different feelings at home. Today we want to offer some tips to know what other colors combined and in which rooms can use it.

cream decoration

In decoration, the cream is considered as one of the basic colors for combination with other bright tones and natural colors.

How to combine cream colors
The cream blends well with natural colors like beige and ivory, providing a quiet and elegant atmosphere to the room. Therefore, if we give a refined air to our room, it is advisable that we use some of these colors and play with their shades. One wall can be darker than the others, for example the headboard or wall where the bed is stuck.

We can say that the cream is also used to get a little more cheerful decor. That is, the cream is one of the base colors for matching with more bold colors like red or pink. It also allows us to combine it with plain grounds, with stripes, repetitive or with a single reason and prints.

We recommend that you always try to mix it with other colors and not abuse the clear tones, as if the soils are also clear, be in the room a sense of movement.

If we give light to the room and we do not want to paint the walls in white, cream will be another suitable alternative. By day this color has a lighter effect than during the night, since there is a more golden hue. Even so, the feeling of relaxation and elegance does not disappear.

Where use these tones
The cream color is perfect for main bedrooms, where the combination of light and dark colors bring elegance and quiet space. We may also use this color to decorate rooms with wooden furniture, combining perfectly, especially if they are dark wood.

The only place where it is not recommended to use in cream tones is the lobby, since; being one passageway, the friction on the walls was more noticeable on these colors.